Episode 598 – Lessons Need To Be Learned But Are Wasted Without Action

Every marketing communications should have a common goal: to create a human-to-human conversation. It could happen online, on the phone, or in person, but that should be the purpose. Sometimes we make that process to complex upfront. Have your methods and systems changed with the changes in the ways we are doing business today? You…

Episode 554 – Three Things Every Business Should Do During A Time Of Crisis?

When I ran my business in the 1990’s I was faced with a disaster that took me by surprise and almost shut my business down. Our recording studio was flooded with raw sewage and it took months to recover from. We did what we could do to keep the doors open and get by, but…

Episode 552 – Romeo, Oh Romeo? How Can I Pitch Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

One of the most basic marketing tools is face-to-face networking. Getting out of your office and meeting new people is a sure fire way to increase business opportunities and learn new things. Networking can happen online as well. That is the power of social media. You can enhance the power of face-to-face networking, or emulate…

Episode 545 – Building A Business Community Live and Online with Ellen Huxtable

Ellen Huxtable is a business coach, author, and speaker. Her company, Advantage Business Concepts, helps clients get past the speed bumps of business. Ellen offers consultative services, team facilitation, and peer forum opportunities. She is the author of “From Corporate to Consultant,” “Power Networking for Job Seekers,” “Power Networking for Small Businesses,” and “Turbo-charge &…

Episode 501 – The Emergence Of Tribalism In Social Media with Brian Kinghorn

Brian E. Kinghorn, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundations at Marshall University. He earned his doctorate in educational psychology and educational technology at Michigan State University. Dr. Kinghorn teaches courses in Educational Psychology, Human Development, Elementary Science, and the Psychology of Social Media. His writing and research interests include learning from…

Episode 482 – The Seven Deadly Sins Or Viral Virtues of Marketing

Have you noticed that social media is becoming more and more divisive lately? Something as simple and fictional as a mermaid is causing people lose their minds, get in fights, and spew hate, vitriol, and disdain.

I have been trying to be more positive on social media, posting fun stuff, positive quotes, and real life stories of overcoming life’s obstacles. The amount of engagement has been outstanding and encouraging, and people love to share and be engaged and conversational around positive topics.

In this podcast I am going to lay out the Seven Deadly Sins of social media posting, and what I consider to be the antithesis to each

Episode 481 – Are You A Badass Chick? with Jean Zbinden

“I show women how you can be a badass chick when sometimes you feel like Gal Gadot in Wonder Women and other times like Roseanne Roseannadanna.”

I am a 50+, menopausal, married, have 2 semi adult children, love to binge watch Netflix, read about all things health & wellness interspersed with romantic trashy novels, don’t do sad movies, encore entrepreneurial women who believes all women can change their life, beauty and mindset to be a Badass Chick.