Episode 512 – What’s Old Is New… Don’t Mummify Your Content!

Recently in the news, there was a discovery in Egypt of a new batch of Mummies. Each of them are 2000 plus year old people who each share a story, but have unique stories of their own. You old content is like a mummy (buried in your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or whatever?).It can be…

Episode 356 – Accountability… Your Success Hangs In The Balance!

There is a secret sauce that separates successful people in business from the just getting by crowd. It’s accountability. It’s defined as “The quality or state of being accountable. Especially as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”

There are three things that help in this:

Being Organized
Tasks Prioritized
Accountability person or groups
Sometimes, you have to pay for accountability, but sometimes you can achieve it for free. It does require the process of having a person or partner keeping you accountable. This could include:

A Coach
A Mastermind
An Accountability Partner
In this episode, we will discuss how accountability plays into your business success!

Episode 305 – Finding Your Ultimate Freedom with Vickie Helm

Want to triple your success? Meet Vickie Helm, she will show you how to create an abundant future today with success in both your business and personal relationships. With over 19 years experience and multiple businesses, Vickie Helm is also an acclaimed bestselling author of the “Ultimate Freedom, Unlock the Secrets to a Life of…

Episode 301 – How to Quickly Implement Your Million Dollar Idea with Iman Aghay

Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international speaker. He founded Success Road Academy in 2010 which is one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. He harnesses the power of the Internet and combines it with effective in-person marketing to help business owners grow their companies, and professionals position…