Episode 692 – Building An Online Community with Scott Paton

Today, Scott is a full-on Digital Nomad, having structured his life so that he can grow his business while on a camel in Morocco, a beach in Greece, trekking around Machu Picchu or walking up a pyramid in Cancun. Video course Producer with over 150 courses produced and 415,000 enrollees. An internationally renowned speaker on…

Episode 677 – You’ve Got Jail… How Facebook Is Getting Bad For Business

I find that Facebook is becoming less and less of a platform where I think we can try to do business. It has not only become very divisive but their model of Community Standards is over-policed in some ways and under scrubbed in others. Their goal is to create a friendly environment for all, but…

Episode 669 – Vanity Fair, Unfair Vanity, and Vanity Metrics

I had a meeting with someone on Lunchlub named Holly. She works at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Media. We discussed how they are changing their methodologies to an email newsletter, educational content, and even Podcast to communicate with patients, doctors, and staff. It makes me think of how the communication industry has changed with newspapers…

Episode 567 – Social Distancing vs Physical Distancing In A Social Hungry World with Brian Kinghorn

Brian E. Kinghorn, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundations at Marshall University. He earned his doctorate in educational psychology and educational technology at Michigan State University. Dr. Kinghorn teaches courses in Educational Psychology, Human Development, Elementary Science, and the Psychology of Social Media. His writing and research interests include learning from…

Episode 524 – How The Death Of A Pet Can Make Social Media And The World A Better Place?

It’s sad around here 😢 because our beloved Buddy Guy (100 lb – 10-12 year old) black Labrador has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. BG (as he was affectionally know) was beloved on social media. He was not a celebrity like Grumpy Cat or a TV star like LiMu Emu (and Doug), he was just a…

Episode 481 – Are You A Badass Chick? with Jean Zbinden

“I show women how you can be a badass chick when sometimes you feel like Gal Gadot in Wonder Women and other times like Roseanne Roseannadanna.”

I am a 50+, menopausal, married, have 2 semi adult children, love to binge watch Netflix, read about all things health & wellness interspersed with romantic trashy novels, don’t do sad movies, encore entrepreneurial women who believes all women can change their life, beauty and mindset to be a Badass Chick.

Episode 475 – Managing and Scheduling Your Social Media Posts In Planable with Vlad Calus

Vlad Calus is the co-founder @ Planable, the command center of social media collaboration for marketing teams, digital agencies, and freelancers to collaborate with their teammates & clients on the content calendar in the most visual way. Planable is used by more than 5000 brands worldwide, including Mini, BMW, Volkswagen, SkyTeam, Wendy’s and many others.

Vlad founded two non-profits at the age of 16, then dropped out of college, moved to another country with two 2 his friends, built Planable (Techstars London ’17) at 19 y.o and became an honoree Forbes 30 Under 30 at 22 y.o. And he’s been featured as a guest writer & marketer by multiple publications including Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur, WeRSM, Freshdesk, Subsign, Digital Agency Network and many others.

Episode 411 – Help A Teacher – Cause Marketing with Debbie Scott

My name is Debbie Scott.  I am married to Roy Scott, and have been for 22 years. He is an attorney who practices family and criminal law.  I am 64 years old, been a paralegal for my husband for many years. I live in Midland, Texas. I have three children and 3 amazing children-in-laws and 9 grandchildren, 5 girls and 4 boys . My family is very close and the delight of my life is spending time with family. I have always enjoyed helping people.  Help A Teacher was not in my plans, but it is my passion now. I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.  I attend First Baptist Church of Midland. I do have a bachelors in Accounting and Information Systems.  My father passed away in 2001 of cancer, my mom lives beside me and I am blessed to have her. 

Episode 405 – Stop Boosting Facebook Posts – Start Adding Up with Emily Hirsh

Emily Hirsh is an industry-leading Facebook Ad Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist who has built an expert team of top-level professionals to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using proven social media sales strategies and creativity that converts.

Episode 383 – Growth Hacking Your Way To Faster Profits with Vin Clancy

Infamous growth hacker Vin Clancy’s went from being on social welfare in the UK to launching 2 online magazines that got over 20 million page views in their first two years with zero spend.

He’s since then won best speaker at SXSW V2V for his growth hacking talk, finished a 100-date world tour, made six figures on his debut growth hacking book, created one of the biggest marketing communities on Facebook, and moved to L.A., where he teaches companies how to rapidly grow their businesses.