Episode 494 – Is Your Content Refuse or Recycle Friendly To The Internet?

Did you know that approximately 8 million metric tonnes of waste plastic that enters the Earth’s ocean every year? Sometimes it feels that way on the internet as well? 1,209,600 new data producing social media users each day. 682 million tweets per day! More than 4 million hours of content uploaded to Youtube every day,…

Episode 416 – 5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Websites?

Is your business messaging ready for 2019? Has your business changed over the last year? Do they reflect current business trends? There is no time like now to start verbalizing what you want to promote in the upcoming year. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years has a tendency to be slower than spring or fall. It’s…

Episode 376 – What Is The Perfect Marketing Strategy For Your Business? Part 6 – Making It Count

People when they mow their lawn often run out of gas… literally. Cars have gas gauges to avoid that problem. Your website has a gauge also when you install Google Analytics on it. It’s how you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing and social media to determine what is working and not.

What you want to know is:

Who – Is visiting your website
What – Content they consume
Where – the US vs Interventional
When – What affected the increase or decrease in traffic 
Why – to Kick Tires or to Buy?
In this episode, we will explore how Google Analytics is akin to using Quickbooks to measure your profits and losses. It works in harmony with your website, content creation, and distribution. What gets measured… gets done!

Episode 364 – What Is The Perfect Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Download the FREE Worksheet – As a marketing coach and strategist, I often see business suffer from marketing BSOS (Bright Shiney Object Syndrome). They throw time, money and resources at tactics like SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and others with limited and often disappointing results. That because they are missing steps or components that are integral to a sustained and successful marketing strategy.

There are 6 main components that are necessary to creating a successful strategy. Unfortunately, business people tend to dabble in marketing and miss steps that are important to success.

Episode 361 – A Deep Dive About SEO For Small Business with Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has worked directly with clients like Target, Best Buy, and Deloitte but also built, scaled and sold a number of online businesses. Recently, his agency WEBRIS was acquired by Phill based agency From The Future (FTF). He currently serves as a partner at FTF while also working on his own training and software products.

Episode 298 – 5 Quick Ways To Actively Increase Your Website Traffic

Did you know that the average small business website gets only 300 visitors per month? That’s an average of 10 visits per day! Traffic is the lifeblood of business, but more importantly.. the right traffic matters much more. In this episode, I want to explore 5 techniques that I and my clients have used to increase…

Episode 280 – I Can “C” Clearly Now – 3 Secrets That Will Help Grow Your Business

Making progress in business is a process. Making greater profits is the reward. It takes more than wishing and hoping… it takes a plan and it takes getting help. I started this podcast over 2 1/2 years ago. It started out with only 111 listeners the first month. Then it almost doubled every single month…

Episode 276 – Is The Design Of Your Website Important? Your Perfect Audience Cares!

There are many ways to develop and design websites. There are many people who design and develop websites… designers, developers, IT professionals, marketing agencies, advertising agencies and so on. All have their pluses and minuses. Heck, I have seen websites developed by the neighbor’s, kids, and the dog! Bottom line if it works for you,…

Episode 270 – The 5 Hidden Secrets To Business Success

Ok… these are not hidden secrets, but the sequence of them is! So often, people use techniques and fail to see the success they expect. Often because they are missing steps or have an incomplete strategy that builds towards success step by step. In this episode, I will outline the 5 steps that I have used…

Episode 262 – How Do You Efficiently and Effectively Measure Success?

I just got back from presenting at a conference in Denver. On the plane ride home I was trying to define this as a successful trip, but I was having a hard time since I did not set any single goal that would make this successful. I ponder the questions and I realized that there…