Episode 628 – Up On The Housetop Click, Click, Click – How a Website is like Building A House

If you have multiple parts of your business (wholesale, retail, and online), it makes sense to have multiple websites to serve each of your different audiences. I have this podcast site, one for my books (NotAboutU.com), one for my speaking business (BrianBasilico.com), one for my LinkedIn Consulting (LI4Sales.com), and others. Building each website is done…

Episode 493 – Makin’ Bacon And Other Insights About Creating And Using Great Graphics with Jackson Price

Jackson Price is a senior Creative Director with over 25 years of experience across a variety of business sectors. Clients include the Fortune 100, ad agencies, design studios, universities, government agencies, small businesses, and professional athletes. He is currently the Director of Creative Services for Iowa State University Athletics. . Jacson believes great design marries…

Episode 476 – How Great Graphics Will Help Your Content Get Noticed?

Images are integral to your content. When my wife broke the screen on her iPhone, I took it in to have the screen repairs. At the front of the store, there was a display case, with old broken screens lined up. I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook and labeled it “The Boulevard of Broken Screens!”. Have you ever seen the image called, “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”? What emotion does that conjure up in you?

Creating graphics is a skill. So is photography, design, layout and using software to enhance and optimize them. You can choose to do it yourself or hire an expert, but either way, you brand is depending on the quality, the emotion, and the use of those graphics.