Episode 525 – Thinking Of Starting A Business In 2020? Start Here with Pam Jordan and Stan Padgett

Pam Jordan has worked with small businesses for over 15 years as a MBA Business Accountant and Fractional CFO. Also known as The Profit Finder, she has helped start-ups to multi-million dollar companies improve their profits, manage their cash flow and reach their financial goals. Stan Padgett has been a business trial lawyer for over…

Episode 363 – What YOU Need To Know About GDPR with Lawyer Bobby Klinck

Bobby Klinck is an intellectual property attorney, but he’s not your typical lawyer. Sure, he went to Harvard Law School and worked at some of the most prestigious firms in the country, but if you look at the big whiteboard in his office, you won’t see much about the law. His whiteboard is filled with tasks related to platform building, inbound marketing, and sales-funnels. Bobby is a full-fledged online entrepreneur, whose area of expertise is the law. He helps other online entrepreneurs safeguard their online businesses.

He formed his company Your Online Genius to give online entrepreneurs the resources they need to protect their businesses without having to spend thousands on a lawyer.

Episode 306 – Plagiarism is NOT Flattery… It’s Stealing And Illegal!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery!”? But outright copying and pasting content from somewhere to your blog or content marketing is plagiarism and stealing. That happened to me just a week or so ago. I was alerted by TalkWalker.com that my name was being used on a website. This is…