Episode 853 – What’s Your Marketing Mousetrap? – Part 1

In our last house, we had a small problem. Mice! If you think about it, your business is like my garage. Specifically your website. It has food for thought and attracts creatures who sneak in and out. You may be able to see them scurry, but it’s hard to trap them (and you certainly don’t…

Episode 598 – Lessons Need To Be Learned But Are Wasted Without Action

Every marketing communications should have a common goal: to create a human-to-human conversation. It could happen online, on the phone, or in person, but that should be the purpose. Sometimes we make that process to complex upfront. Have your methods and systems changed with the changes in the ways we are doing business today? You…

Episode 416 – 5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Websites?

Is your business messaging ready for 2019? Has your business changed over the last year? Do they reflect current business trends? There is no time like now to start verbalizing what you want to promote in the upcoming year. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years has a tendency to be slower than spring or fall. It’s…

Episode 376 – What Is The Perfect Marketing Strategy For Your Business? Part 6 – Making It Count

People when they mow their lawn often run out of gas… literally. Cars have gas gauges to avoid that problem. Your website has a gauge also when you install Google Analytics on it. It’s how you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing and social media to determine what is working and not.

What you want to know is:

Who – Is visiting your website
What – Content they consume
Where – the US vs Interventional
When – What affected the increase or decrease in traffic 
Why – to Kick Tires or to Buy?
In this episode, we will explore how Google Analytics is akin to using Quickbooks to measure your profits and losses. It works in harmony with your website, content creation, and distribution. What gets measured… gets done!

Episode 298 – 5 Quick Ways To Actively Increase Your Website Traffic

Did you know that the average small business website gets only 300 visitors per month? That’s an average of 10 visits per day! Traffic is the lifeblood of business, but more importantly.. the right traffic matters much more. In this episode, I want to explore 5 techniques that I and my clients have used to increase…

Episode 276 – Is The Design Of Your Website Important? Your Perfect Audience Cares!

There are many ways to develop and design websites. There are many people who design and develop websites… designers, developers, IT professionals, marketing agencies, advertising agencies and so on. All have their pluses and minuses. Heck, I have seen websites developed by the neighbor’s, kids, and the dog! Bottom line if it works for you,…