Episode 593 – How To Make Some Serious Bread from Friends and Connections with Nancy Hand

Nancy is a networking and social confidence coach with a background in contract law, dispute resolution, and NLP. She helps her clients build and re-build social and professional networks after major life changes like professional advancement, relocation, and (self)discovery. Nancy is an avid dahlia grower, photographer, and master sourdough bread maker. She also enjoys hiking,…


Episode 592 – It’s The Message Stupid

Great marketing communication systems can work, but most of them only work when you feed the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. Some industries such as health and finance have limitations and restrictions due to compliance and regulations. It’s like going to a knife fight with both hands tied behind your…


Episode 591 – Best Of – Save Time And Make More Money Using Virtual Assistants with Kathy Goughenour

Brad Banyas is an entrepreneur, executive and technology advocate with over 22 years of experience in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Brad started his career in software sales in 1991. He then started, and subsequently sold, Output Solutions Inc.

Brad is currently the CEO of Outsource Management, Inc. (OMI) which he founded in 1999. OMI is the go-to resource for emerging mid-size companies that embrace CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales enablement platforms to grow and dominate their niche.

In 2016 Brad Banyas along with Paul Sciandra, Ravi Devulapalli and Thomas E. Orton co-founded 366 Degrees a Relationship Marketing and Sales Automation Platform.

Brad lives in Cumming Georgia with is wife of 27 years Brandy and his three sons, Connor, Cason, Michael and daughter Madeline.

Affiliate Product Info – Links and Description: 366 Degrees www.366.io- The Relationship Marketing + Sales Automation Platform for Small to Midsize Enterprises that manages the execution and delivery of communications across email, landing pages and social connections. The service combines the strength of other platforms such as Nimble CRM, Salesforce, Vidyard video by connecting and automating key engagements around sales, marketing and customer communications to provide a unified view of engagement.


Episode 590 – Scams & Spams And How To Protect Yourself & Your Business

In today’s uncertain environment, there are many opportunities for people to take advantage of you and your business. Fake calls are on the rise. Scam and spam snail mail and email are more prevalent than ever. What can you do to protect yourself? There are many scams out there. Some are just simple while others…


Episode 589 – The Magic Of Relationships and Follow-Up with Joe M. Turner

“Chief Impossibility Officer” Joe M. Turner is the founder and principal speaker and performer at Turner Magic & Keynotes, providing world-class corporate entertainment and insightful keynotes for clients across the United States and worldwide. A summa cum laude graduate of Mississippi State University, Joe’s corporate experience is primarily in the area of change management and…


Episode 588 – How To Overcome The Story In You And Your Customers Minds

Seth Godin said in his daily blog email “If it’s not helping you take action to make things better, what’s it for?” When it comes to the content you create, what’s the action you expect people to take? In another blog email, he said, “That story in your head? It’s invented. It has to be.”…


Episode 587 – What You Can Do To Reboot Your Speaking Career with Kerry Heaps

An Entrepreneur of 15 years, Kerry is the Publisher of Pageant Platform Magazine and the Host of Pageant Platform Podcast. Kerry is a sought-after Speaker on topics such as Leveraging your Publicity to Close More Deals, Bodies Don’t Lie-Body Language Basics, The Significance of Color in Wardrobe and the Psychology Behind It, The Network Game…


Episode 586 – How To Serve Up Great Content With Marketing Systems

QUESTION? Is your marketing more like a vending machine or a restaurant? A vending machine is simple. People put money in and get something (generally overpriced) out. Restaurants are more complex. People will research them, make reservations, and they are not just buying food… they are buying an experience. We rarely are aware of all…


Episode 585 – What Is BYOD And Why Does It Matter With Remote Employees with Michael Peysakhovich

Michael graduated from Virginia Tech and went there on a wrestling scholarship and received a degree in Child Development and a minor in Organic Chemistry. Currently a Sales Executive for my family business. Recently married to Rachel who is from Long Island, NY. We have a Pitbull named Ziggy. I am a sneakerhead, compete in…


Episode 584 – How to Overcome FEAR with Content Marketing HOPE

We are living in a noisy world. We are living at gigabit speed. We are living in a world of rapid change. We face so much information being thrown at us that it can become mind-bending and often deafening. When it comes to communication, there are two common acronyms for FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real…