This website is about You and Your Business. There are 3 components to what this website will provide you…


There are many aspects of successfully marketing your business on the internet. This is a free weekly podcast that will lay out the theory behind each principle of successful internet marketing. We are going to cover all aspects of online marketing including: websites, email list building, auto responders, content development, podcasting, blogging, using virtual assistants, and many other topics related to doing business on the internet. This podcast is available here under Podcasts and will also be available on iTunes.


Building on what the podcast has to offer, we will provide expert interviews from internet marketing superstars. You may or may not know them by name, but I assure you these people are making money online. They will offer you proven ideas, techniques and tips on how to take your business to the next level online. These interviews will be free to watch live, but will then be part of our Insider Club. These interviews will provide you with Insider tips and techniques to help you master the skills necessary for success.


Finally, there will be How-To training videos available on getting your hands (or mouse) dirty, setting up software and systems and successfully managing your brand, your messages and your internet marketing. You will have to become a MyMarketingMagnet Insider Club member to watch these detailed training videos. The benefit of being a member of the Insider Club is you can watch the content 24/7 – 365 days a year, on-demand and on your schedule.

30DayOur Promise

This website will be a go-to resource for you and your business. The Insider Club is a subscription option. If you choose to join, we offer you a no questions asked money back guarantee each month. You can join and leave whenever you like.  Our goal is to provide you with such great, actionable and useful content, that you will never want to leave and you will even tell your friends (but never your competition) about how this website has made you more successful at internet marketing.