Episode 557 – Direct Marketing Basics with Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz has had two careers.The first spanned 34 years as a force behind Boardroom Inc., an iconic publisher and direct marketer. During that time, he was mentored by, and worked with, a who’s who of marketing legends (who he owes everything to). And more specifically, he worked side-by-side with the most prolific copywriters who…

Episode 540 – How To Make Great Business Relationships… As Easy AS 1-2-3!

Collecting names is great. Having a big email list is preferred, but sometimes less is more. As you collect names what follows is more important than the original contact. Can you build a know like and trust with the person behind the email? Sometimes, it takes a little finess and personal touch to create engagement,…

Episode 474 – What Is More Fascinating On Social Media? Engagement Or Education?

What’s more important to you and your business… Engagement or Education when it comes to posting on Social Media? Well that depends on many factors? What platform are you posting? What are your goals, Who is your audience and where are they hanging out?

Engagement is very measurable and desirable, but it’s not always an indication of action. People engage in different ways. They comment, like or share and that can be very exciting, but may or may not culminate in any sales.

Education is creating longer form posts and often links to deeper educational content (like blogs, podcasts, videos, and more). Educating people takes longer to create and often generates less but more targeted engagement. There is, however, and long term cumulative effect that can lead to measurable sales.

Episode 434 – What Helps Your Drip Email The Most? Great Content!

The rumor of emails death is greatly exaggerated. In fact, it’s kind of having a renaissance since corporations are required to use it for legal and tracking reasons. So how can you best leverage this for your business?

Email is a very useful, yet difficult way to get your products, services and ideas in front of customers. The major challenges are that inboxes are stuffed with competition, spam, and other people’s to-dos. You have to do something to get noticed and stand out from the flood. Start out by asking permission in person, on the phone or over email to send them the sequence. Next, here are 5 things you should also consider:

Episode 261 – Landing Pages And Split Testing with Tom Bell

Tom Bell is one of the “Founding Fathers” of internet marketing. With a track record spanning 19 years, his online exploits began back in the 90s with a 4 month run on Ebay netting over $400,000. He then parlayed the buyer list from that early Ebay business into a 60 Million dollar online information product…