Episode 629 – Holiday Gifting In A Zoom Meeting World with Chelsea Martin

Chelsea Martin is Co-Owner of Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in the art of convenient corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression. In the noisy world of gift-giving, Noms Bak Shop makes you the hero, providing a solution to gifting by cutting through the clutter and delivering a premium twist on traditional baked goods…

Episode 582 – The Top 5 Big Mistakes Big Businesses Make On LinkedIn

No matter what size business you have or are working in, it should have a LinkedIn Business page. Whether you are a solopreneur or a corporate CEO, you need to make sure that you have a cohesive message across all areas of any social media platform. Companies will often set them up, .but either ignore…

Episode 546 – Toilet Paper Math… Why Some Online Marketing Does Not Always Square Up?

I saw this video online where a math (multiplication) was done the traditional way (how I learned) and the NEW way (putting numbers in a table and working it in phases). The old way took 20 seconds where the new way took over 3 minutes? New math is everywhere, especially at the grocery store in…

Episode 541 – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket – Make A Marketing Omelette with Roman Prokopchuk

Roman Prokopchuk is a first-generation immigrant from Lviv, Ukraine. He came to the United States with 6 other family members to a 2 bedroom apartment from Ukraine, which was still under the Soviet Union at the time. Roman went to college to study criminal justice and interned with the Secret Service. When the 2008 recession…

Episode 528 – Foresight is 2020 – Why You Need To Recommit To Email Marketing?

As part of my Foresight 2020 series (looking back to forge ahead to make next year the best year ever), I wanted to explore how and why I think email marketing is going to be bigger and better than ever next year). Looking into my “Zoltar” crystal ball, I can see that social media will…

Episode 520 – Does it Pay To Join The Online Pay To Play Game? It’s a Gamble?

Social media has truly become more media, and less social. All platforms are based on selling something (mostly ads), and they tilt the scales in their favor. Business pages in Facebook are lucky to get 1-2% of their likes (fans) to see any post without boosting or paid advertising. Even LinkedIn is starting to clamp…

Episode 486 – How Can A Pile Of Needles Attract Your New Customers?

Why is it better to build a pile of needles versus finding a needle in a haystack? Because the needles are what you use to sow (sew) new business. Yet still, people spend way more time trying to find that needle. 

Advertising is typically putting your message out to a large audience and hopes it attracts the right customers at the right time. Marketers try the same concept with email lists. They collect names, but are they the right names and emails at the right time? 

The difference is a pile of needles is a group of very targeted customers or influencers who help you focus on getting to your goals faster and better.

Busy business people like contractors, don’t have the time to build relationships like full-time salespeople, but through finding and working with influencers, they can amplify their messages if they simply invest time in specific relationships!

Time to stitch together some new business? In this episode, we will explore how you can build a pile of needles simply by asking yourself some key questions! 

Episode 452 – Why Social Media Is A Bet You Can’t Win… What You Can Do About It?

People tend to think of social media posting as free advertising, and it some senses it is. I tend to look at it from a business sense as a gamble. It’s more like a casino filled with loud and bright shiny neon slot machines calling out to you to drop in a dollar or two and hope that luck will be a lad tonight?Social Media Is kinda like the  bright shiny Slot Machine of Marketing

Episode 436 – 5 Main Reasons Why Marketing May Be Failing You?

People often treat marketing like the lottery… All you need to do is SCRATCH & WIN! That was easy? But in reality, if you just play the lottery, you will ultimately loose more than you win. The games are designed not to make you rich, but to make money for the lottery or gambling organization. Few get lucky, so may try and fail.

There are those rare occasions where people figure out a strategy to legally beat the system. Marketing is a lot like the lottery. Once you figure out the formula, you can start to make more money than you spend (a profit). But, there are some basic things that people miss or try to skip over to claim their winnings that hinder their success:

Episode 405 – Stop Boosting Facebook Posts – Start Adding Up with Emily Hirsh

Emily Hirsh is an industry-leading Facebook Ad Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist who has built an expert team of top-level professionals to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using proven social media sales strategies and creativity that converts.